Saturday, April 29, 2017

McCalls 7356 Winner

My latest top is McCalls 7356.  When I first say this pattern I knew exactly what material I'd use from my stash, a colorful Liverpool, that would match perfect for an inspiration top I wanted to make.  Another plus for this pattern was that it was a fit & flair.  I've always liked the peplum tops, however in my opinion added extra fullness to my waist and hips.  Version A is what I made.  Now for some reason McCalls patterns always run large for my suggested size.  So I ended up making to mock ups, the first was huge, and the second had a lot of cuts, sitch, and restitch, but did not turn out to be wearable like I wanted.  Needless to say the two mock ups ended in the trash, but after a good nights rest, it was back to the drawing board.  I ended up measuring the pattern itself and added in seam allowance, and cut out 3 sizes lower than the recommended size, and the fit was perfect.  I  don't know what it is about McCalls patterns and me.......its like a love/hate relationship.  I made it work, because I really liked this pattern. 

The pattern is for a woven material, however I did use a knit.  With this being said, I did not put in the zipper, since there was enough ease.  The only other thing I did different was instead of using the neck binding, I just did a bias binding and it worked fine, plus it stabilized  the neckline.  Usually, I have to shorten the pattern for my height, however I did not shorten it, and am thrilled I didn't because it would have been way to short. 

 Just enough flair to camouflage all the jiggles, and define the waist. 
 This was my vision, and I feel I came close.  I'm still on the lookout for a woven like this, I love the watercolor effect. 
Well, I can honestly say this was a success for me.  I am really pleased with how this top turned out , and it even deserved to have pearls to be worn with it. 

Another make for Ms. Fayes' top sew along, and back on track with Ms. Sarah Liz's Make a Garment a Month.    So what's next I'm working on a coordinating piece for on of my Renfrew top mini collection.

As always thank you for stopping by!


  1. It is a lovely design-so glad you persevered.

  2. This is a wonderful top Diane. It's so nice when a vision comes to life.

  3. I think you have learnt so much with the making of this top. And now you have a good idea of how to work with McCalls for your shape. Still, a muslins and measuring are still a good idea for any pattern that is new to you. This one is a credit to you, and is so very pretty.

    1. Thank you so much Sarah Liz! Yes, McCalls fits me a lot different vs other patterns. I really don't have problems with Indie or Simplicity patterns.

  4. So happy you didn't give up on this top. It is so pretty and looks great on you..
    Beautiful fabric.. Happy sewing.

  5. This is just so perfect on you 😊 Love the fabric and the style of the pattern.

  6. Made a new dress from your fabric!