Saturday, April 29, 2017

McCalls 7356 Winner

My latest top is McCalls 7356.  When I first say this pattern I knew exactly what material I'd use from my stash, a colorful Liverpool, that would match perfect for an inspiration top I wanted to make.  Another plus for this pattern was that it was a fit & flair.  I've always liked the peplum tops, however in my opinion added extra fullness to my waist and hips.  Version A is what I made.  Now for some reason McCalls patterns always run large for my suggested size.  So I ended up making to mock ups, the first was huge, and the second had a lot of cuts, sitch, and restitch, but did not turn out to be wearable like I wanted.  Needless to say the two mock ups ended in the trash, but after a good nights rest, it was back to the drawing board.  I ended up measuring the pattern itself and added in seam allowance, and cut out 3 sizes lower than the recommended size, and the fit was perfect.  I  don't know what it is about McCalls patterns and me.......its like a love/hate relationship.  I made it work, because I really liked this pattern. 

The pattern is for a woven material, however I did use a knit.  With this being said, I did not put in the zipper, since there was enough ease.  The only other thing I did different was instead of using the neck binding, I just did a bias binding and it worked fine, plus it stabilized  the neckline.  Usually, I have to shorten the pattern for my height, however I did not shorten it, and am thrilled I didn't because it would have been way to short. 

 Just enough flair to camouflage all the jiggles, and define the waist. 
 This was my vision, and I feel I came close.  I'm still on the lookout for a woven like this, I love the watercolor effect. 
Well, I can honestly say this was a success for me.  I am really pleased with how this top turned out , and it even deserved to have pearls to be worn with it. 

Another make for Ms. Fayes' top sew along, and back on track with Ms. Sarah Liz's Make a Garment a Month.    So what's next I'm working on a coordinating piece for on of my Renfrew top mini collection.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Renfrew Top....and the Jury is Still Out

This is my second Renfrew that I was going to add to my Renfrew Mini Capsule, but I don't think it made the cut.  There is something about the color that irritates me, I know its just a color, but it just does.  When I was cutting it out, I thought it was going to be the right pattern and material, but it was not cohesive.  If that is clear as mud, but I'm sure you may understand.  Plus this top was cut out the exact same size as the others, and the material is the same as one of my other Renfrews, but its a little snug, so another strike.  Then strike three, I was going to pair it up with a black bottom, however it reminded me of Halloween or a Charlie Brown outfit. 

Not a total loss, I'll keep it for a shirt to wear around the house!  As a mock up for the skirt (Simplicity  1364) I matched with my first Renfrew, I made the shorts just to see how the fit was in the waist and hips.  For the shorts I choose a Navy Blue French Terry, and it kinda of goes with
the top as something just to wear around the house.   Who am I kidding I know I won't wear the top and it will sit in my drawer, so donation it will be.

I apologize in advance, for the pictures.  It was a cleaning day, and I didn't feel like having pictures taken, so this is as good as it gets. 

 Finally my remake of the Simplicity 1062, which I wrote a entry or two back.  I just did a self draft by folding the top in half, and cut along the sides, and decided to leave the high/low hem.  I trimmed the arm openings with the same red material.  I'm glad this was a save, because I adore this fabric.  Wish I would have bought this was a good save. 
I know this isn't the most exciting to read about, and many don't even take time to write about flops, but they happens.  This is mainly for my tracking of my progress, and for me to look back and see my flops.  It gives me a new appreciation when I do have a successful make. 

So what is up next....I working on another top for Ms. Faye's top sewalong, and also to serve as my Make a Garment a Month hosted by Ms. Sarah Liz.  

Mc Calls 7356 view A

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Friday, April 21, 2017

First Renfrew Mini Capsule

Well after completing my 5 Renfrew tops it was time to make the separate I wanted to pair with it.  Keeping in mind that I wanted a small summer capsule that I could mix and match with all 5 Renfrew tops. 

I decided that I wanted to go with a maxi skirt, but I wanted something that was not full.  After combing through my stash of patterns, I decided to go with Simplicity 1367  This was a slim skirt with what I think looks like a yoga waist band that folds over, and has a slide slit.  There is not much to making this skirt, it went together with no hiccups.  The only alterations I  had to make was of course cutting serval inches off for my height of 5'.   For me the waist band was a little to thick, so I will make a smaller waist band. Simplicity patterns, the size fits me pretty well without to many alterations like McCalls, and Butterick. 

I think this will get a lot of wear, to mix with my other Renfrews.  This was the first maxi skirt I have worn since I was 10 years old.  Always thought since I was only 5' they would make me look dumpy, but I think this turned out ok. 
 Trying to copy like Angelina Jolie's famous pose.    The slit was just the right length on this skirt.
Prior to this skirt I did a short muslin form this pattern to gauge the waist band and to possibly pair with one of my Renfrew that I almost tossed.  Will be writing about that almost disaster but turned around. 

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

5 Renfrews and 1 Laundry Day Tee

Finally back since my "lead fingers" from accidently deleting some of my past posts trying to see if I could move them.  Its all good, actually I feel like this is a fresh start on my journey from where I am now and where I'll be.   So this will be a new chapter so lets get started.

I don't know why it has taken me so long to get on the Sewaholic Renfrew  band wagon.  I completed just not one but 5 Renfrews as a part of a mini mix and match collection I'm working on.  For each Renfrew, I will be making a companion piece to go with the collection, and will post them as I go. 

Also I have decided to join in with Ms. Faye's top sew along, and to join you can find more info here:   I tried to figure out how to add the button, however gave up since I was tech challenged.  I go back and figure it out later. 

So here are my 5 Renfrews: 

 I am quite please with this pattern.  There were not adjustments for this pattern, unlike when I use a pattern from the Big 4.  The shirt calls for a band around the bottom, but I omitted it.  This will be my go to pattern when I want a pull over knit top or tee shirt.  I will be making the cowl neck option in the winter.  This pattern comes highly recommended, and glad I finally got on the "Renfrew band wagon"

In between sewing my Renfrews, I needed a breather, so I cut out a Laundry Day Tee.  I made on during the winter in black, but it did not photograph very good so here is a better picture.  This is a very good quick sew if you need to get back in the sewing mojo or just want a cute little tee dress.  The Laundry Day Tee (LDT) is from Love Notions and can be found here :    Now you can get this pattern for no cost if you join Love Notions facebook page, as there is a code pinned on their main page.  On thing to be aware of if you down load pattern there are 2 different armcycles.  The original is for smaller arms, and the updated one is for larger.  I first down loaded the original and worked for me. 

The pattern comes in a tee and tunic length (as well as different sleeve lengths), since I wanted a dress I added 4 inches.   There were not additional adjustments made, which is always a win win for me. I'll be making a few more of these, they are so easy to wear just throw one on and a cute little pair of flats and you are ready to do.
 And what is trying to get a picture without my photo bomer granddog.  The weird face if from him coming by and licking my hand and taking off.  Never a dull moment with that dog.
Up next will be my first companion pieces for one of my Renfrews, another top for Ms. Faye's top sewalong, or a remake on this lovely top Simplicity 1062: 

As always thank-you for stopping by and until later!