Thursday, January 19, 2017

Common Courtsey

Just going to put this out there as we all have blogs for different reasons, and enjoy visitors.  I started mine solely to just track my personal journey back to sewing.  We all have different styles, views and personalities, and thats what I love about readings others blogs, as well as inspiration!

Enjoy visitors, comments, can can even take constructive criticism.  Why I welcome someone telling me that my outfit looks like clown clothes.  But what I can't accept is when someone attacks someone personally.  My style right now while its not couture, its my style and fits my life.  There is a reason why I approve comments before they are  posted, and this is the reason.  So with that said....please when visiting someone's blog....common courtsey....IF you can't say something nice..don't say nothing at all.

Sorry for the small rant...but just had to put this out there!