Monday, May 26, 2014

Busy times...sad times....and trying to get back on track

Well its been a while since I have been around but I'm back and trying to get back in to the swing of things such as sewing. Alot has happened since I last wrote on my blog, some busy and heartbreaking news for our family.  So if you are interested pour a cup of coffee, have a soda pop, or just sit back for a few moments while I share a little of my life with you.

For most of April and early May I was traveling for work, and was suppose to be home on the weekends.  Being a Supervisor, most weekends I had to stay over to get projects ready and pick up on the slack where things needed to get done. I wanted so much to be home on the weekends so I could sew since this is a stress reliever for me. Plus I did not meet some of my sewing commitments that I enjoyed so, because it kept me on track.  So it was no sewing for me.....however I did find time to visit local mom and pop fabric shops in the towns where I was staying.
My fabric stash grew the grey eyelet caught my eyes as well as the periwinkle in Baton Rouge.  The multi-color and black and white checked was bought in Gonzales, La, and finally the air plane print I bought to make some pillows for my oldest daughter, Jacqueline was purchased in Meridian, MS.  The traveling of my job I enjoy, because I can do some junkin (if I drive) and seek out these mom and pop fabric stores.  I already have the black and white checked searsucker visioned as a cute sun dress, the periwinkle as a scooter skirt along with a cute little blouse out of the multi-color.Still not sure about the grey eyelet....any suggestions, I only bought one yard of it....and now wishing I would of purchased more, however had to watch the old pocketbook since the prices were slightly higher in these little shops....but hey I am supporting the local shops which are almost non existent and plus I have a story behind my fabric.          

FINALLY on May 9th I was on my way home....and I could not be more excited.  On this leg of my trip I decided to fly since the drive was 9 hours home.  I got checked in made it through airport security, got situated reading a new book...when I got the phone call from my Uncle Ivan, my dear sweet Grandma (you met her on one of my previous posts) has passed away earlier that morning.  We all knew it was going to happen, but I guess you are never prepared especially when it is someone you just adore.  I had just spoke with her on Wednesday, and as most of our conversations that I enjoyed every week she would tell me of her bingo games, the little ladies that sat at her lunch table, and when I would be up to see her next.  I was planning on going up to see her this this Memorial Day is bittersweet.  Its the little things that I miss the most about her such as our weekly phone chats.  I could always tell when she was down in the dumps when she answered the phone which meant that she did not win a bingo game.  You see they did not play for money they played for chocolate.     She loved her if she didn't win that meant no chocolate candy bars.  Her funeral was the following Tuesday, and my cousin Vicki and I were honored to be paul bearers at her well as served as interpreter for my brother and his family who are deaf.  Grandma always though God had forgotten about her....but I told He just saving the best for last.  She was just ready to go....and she was finally called home.

After the funeral, my Uncle decided that while everyone was together, it would be a good time to let them pick out what they wanted from Grandma's house.  I hate to say this but it was like a bunch of buzzards grabbing and snatching things.  It just saddened me because, while this little lady would sit alone no visits or phone calls from family other than my uncle and his wife, and myself, here they were going through her things, mostly jewelry.....but who am I to judge.  I just sat quietly in the bedroom where I stayed with her before she moved to the assisted living facility, and found some treasures no one else was interested below are a few of my treasures:

First of all I found some of her sewing patterns...just the thought to have the same patterns she constructed garments with and the sizes were close to mine.  Of course on the way home I had to stop by Helen Enox Fabrics in Okla City, OK and purchase some material to make dress or two to honor Grandma.  Helen Enox Fabrics was always one of my stops when I went to see Grandma.  If you are ever in Okla. City you will need to stop there.

 Another treasure that nobody was interested in were doilies....these are just a few I have.  Look at the hand work in these....crocheting, embroidery...and to be made by the hands of my grandma, great grandma and Aunt Mattie.
 I guess this has to be one of my favorite treasures...this was grandma's sewing/embroidery kit.  When I opened it I found this table runner...and I'm thinking this was her last project...if this kit could only talk.
 My family has so many talented people in it.  First of all the yellow afghan is one crochet by my grandma.  The doll was made by my Aunt Rosela, who passed away from cancer last year, my cousin Vicki said her mom wanted me to have it...since it was called her "Diane" doll....yep made for me.  Aunt Rosela was very talented and made several dolls.   She gave me the doll after Grandma's funneral...what a honor and wonderful gift.
 Check out the details....Aunt Rosela even made the clothes for her dolls.
 So, this is the story where I have been...its been a long road and a sad road....but its life.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow so tell your love ones everyday what they mean to you.

Trying to get back in the sewing mood, I have somewhat picked out some simple projects.  I love the 70s patterns, because there are fitting issues at least for me other than length.  Usually have to take up since I'm only 59 1/2 inches tall.  The material is vintage knit I ordered from an Esty vendor....they advertised over 2 1/2 yards....however when I received the fabric it was only a little over 1 1/2 yards....the vendor did make the situation I don't know if I will end up with a shirt or a dress we shall see.  Option 1:
Option 2 would be to make this cami that I see so many blogs on.  This would be my first digital pattern, so I'm not sure if I am up for taping the pattern together.  This maybe put on the back burner...but as you can see I have fabric and fold over elastic...which I have not had the chance to experience.
 Option 3....infinity scarf....simple and easy.  Any thoughts....Thank  you for reading and staying with me during this long entry.