Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Holidays and a Picture Says It ALL

Happy Holidays everyone....its a day after Merry Christmas and a few days before New Years.  Its been busy around my household everyone put in their orders for homemade goodies sewn and cooked.  I even ventured out this year with my daughters and made my dad's famous peanut brittle that he use to make for us every Christmas.  Its funny how you don't realize how the smallest things mean the most, and how I missed his peanut brittle. 

This year for Christmas I decided to sew a small Christmas quilt throw for my daughter Jacqueline
since she and her husband are now homeowners.  The quilt also had some fabric that was sentimental to her husband Erik which was from the estate of one of his Great Aunts that passed away a year ago.  When this precious lady passed away, they had no seamstress in the family, so I was gifted some wonderful vintage fabric.  This was also my first quilt type sewing, so I was not confident is the construction.  After it was completed, I knew it had the possibly of being re-gifted which was fine with me. You see, Erik's Grandma is the sister of the Aunt that passed away and she had been dearly missing her sister.  I told Jacqueline to do what she wanted that I could always make her another since I have more material and I could alway make her another one.  Well a picture says a million..this is Grandma with the throw

When my daughter sent me this picture in a text with the following "she won't put it down, she just keeps crying and this was sent to me by Debbi (her sister).  Of course I was shopping for the last minute Christmas gifts, when I saw this I started squalling...I bet I was a sight to see...but at the moment I did not care...after all for me this is what Christmas is about love, family, and precious memories~

So Belated Merry Christmas and Early Happy New Years my friends!  HAPPY SEWING 2015 lets see where this year take us!