Monday, November 3, 2014

Another Cardi and Reflection

Don't you just love when you complete a garment and you are so excited about it?  Well I completed another (yes another and there well be more) McCalls 6844 Cardi.  I love this pattern which is such a great staple piece, and the fabric I used a soft stretch spruce color knit that I purchased from JoAnne's.  This is the type of fabric that you purchase as certain yardage, and then if you are like me put it in your stash to use at a later date, but when you use it you wish you had purchased more of the fabric.  Well I knew when I purchased it I wanted to make a cardi and a pencil skirt as a set.  However, the next day I went back and purchased an additional 3 yards to make a dress.  Yes I love the fabric that much super soft, lovely color, and the texture!

The first time I made this cardi I cut a medium, and felt it was to big, so this time cut a small and it was perfect.

So comfy, and will be wearing alot this year

 Peplum back which adds to what I like about this pattern.
A match made in heaven soft, beautiful color, and texture.

Time for reflection since its been just little over a year that I started my blog to gauge my sewing.  I've not sewn as much as I would have wanted and most of it was due to discouragement due to the new sizing of today's patterns and my rustyness (is there such a word).  But I have a great support system out of you my sister fellow bloggers, and I wish could give you all a big hug.  After, I posted my "Throw Back Thus" picture, I realized the feeling that I missed about sewing...the feeling of pride of a job well done and would be happy wearing what I made.  Alot of people say you can't go by feeling, but for me it make sense.  How can I wear something that I made if I'm not thrilled with, so with this said I'm going to pick a pattern that I want to sew or fabric that speaks to me and will look through my pattern statsh until I have that exact feeling (hey it works for me).  This last year I felt like I have rushed myself by just picking a pattern and fabric and sewed away which left me feeling "" and not wanting to wear the end product.  Yesterday, I read a blogger Sarah Liz that I truly admire talk about how she pitched alot of what I felt like was just so so projects for a fresh start.  So, after looking back this year, I have bagged up all of my SO SO projects and found them a new home.  I only kept 3 things that I'm please with and can proudly wear!  So here is to a new year for me and a new attitude adjustment!