Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Lovely Grandma....and My New Project New Look 6150

I want to introduce my wonderful Grandma Gladys, who is 98 years young.  Every chance I can get I always get back to Oklahoma to see this awsome lady who was one who taught me alot about sewing and a little bit of crochetting .  I want to soak up as much time as I can get to spend with her.  She is very hard of hearing, and her sight is going, but her Doctor tells her she has vital signs as a young teenager.  Some of my best years were growing up and spending the summers with her and Grandpa, and those memories you can't replace.  Time went by so fast...and it was time to get back home and work.  I just love this spunky little lady!  Do you have any special little ladies that helped shape your love of sewing? 

 Previously, I was trying to make a retro 1950's blouse and had a woven fabric.  I cut the pattern out, and started to sew it.  The pattern went together rather well, however the fabric (even though it had been washed several times) was stiff and scratchy.  After time went by, I started to get discouraged, and was ready to toss it aside.  Before, I decided to scrap the project together, I at least wanted to see what the fit would be like.  Since there was only one size as most older patters are, the fit was guessing games here like I have had with several of the newer multi-sized patterns.  So I will definately revisit my retro pattern once I find a nice soft woven fabric.   This was the first project that I actually decided to scrap, and not waste anymore time on, decided to break my habbit of trying to complete a project that I didn't really want to finish or was not thrilled about once I got started on....AND let me tell you it feels good not to be bogged down by a chore to finish it. 

Moving forward for my March MAGAM project I am going to construct New Look pattern 6150 view B in this bright cheery knit fabric.  I have seen this pattern sewn up by so many others, and am looking forward to completing it.  I went shopping in my pattern and fabric stash.

Thank you for stopping by....would love to hear your thoughts.