Friday, February 28, 2014

On the fence about Simplicity 1943

Just completed Simplicity 1943....and I am still on the fence about this pattern.  Here is the finished product, and I am not to pleased.  It was one I was so excited about sewing but half way through I was so ready to wad it up and toss it in the trash.  But like the little engine that could...I had to finish it.  This was my Febuary Make a Garment a Month project.
 There were no attended alterations, as I cut my normal size, however there were unexpected alterations.  The collar was suppose to close directly in the the middle, however the bodice was about 11/2 inches long on each side so I had to cut of 1 1/2 inches off to make the collar to fit.  My other unexpected alteration was the lining which was longer than the actual jacket.  I believe part of this issue could be that I used a jersy knit with alot of stretch.  If I decide to make this again I will cut down one size for the lining.
 I am almost complete...the pattern called for two hooks and eyes for closures, however this was suppose to be a fun jacket and want something with alittle more pizzazz. 
 So for right now holding the jacket close is an antique pen from my grandma. 
An option I was thinking about was a little closure like this one, but in choclate brown (if I can
find one)

As stated I as still on the fence about this one.  For now I am just going to put it aside with the frustration and come back in a few days after I regroup. 


  1. My local fabric shop has loads of those frog closures. I'll see if they have chocolate ones tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Gaye...I think choclate brown would work don't you...or also I was thinking about gold?

    2. I I found a chocolate one and a kind of muted gold. So if you send me your address to gayeDOTproctorATgmailDOTcom I'll post them to you.

  2. Some garments are like that - you don't quite know until the end. I should put it away and have a break - I find that works wonders. Sometimes the image we have in our head doesn't actually match the reality of the garment - but looking at it with fresh eyes may open up new possibilities.