Sunday, January 12, 2014

Yesterday....spring weather....TODAY...back to cold

Only in Texas we have unpredictable weather.  Yesterday, was a gorgeous spring like day sunny with beautiful blue sky and 75 degrees.  So with the beautiful weather I felt like I wanted to loose the fall/winter fabric and pattern stashes for spring/summer stashes.  Started going through my spring/summer material (yes I have it coordinated), looking through the bright colors, sun dress patterns...get the picture.  However, woke up this morning to cold grey skies with misty rain and a slap with cold wind.  So back to the fall/winter fabrics and patterns.  I have been wanting to make Simplicity 1943 view E with a fun leopard print from my fabric stash. 
So embrasing the cold and will be sporing a cute little jacket!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Yea! Completed 6844...and its a keeper

It feels so great to have this one completed.  I will be using this pattern again, just making a smaller size.  It does run large.  Even though I altered for the petite size, I think next time I will shorten the hem line, as it was a little to long for me.  Its alittle big, but thats ok since this is a layering piece.  Very pleased with the way the fabric sewed up. 

Sorry for the photos, it was a very blustry and cool day, and add the fact I'm not photogenic.  Trust me it takes 30 pictures just to fine one that turns out. 

Well this is the only one that will upload.  I have this problem often, only certain photos will load and others will not...ugh

Oh well would highly recommend McCalls 6488...and I will be making this one again!