Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Holidays and a Picture Says It ALL

Happy Holidays everyone....its a day after Merry Christmas and a few days before New Years.  Its been busy around my household everyone put in their orders for homemade goodies sewn and cooked.  I even ventured out this year with my daughters and made my dad's famous peanut brittle that he use to make for us every Christmas.  Its funny how you don't realize how the smallest things mean the most, and how I missed his peanut brittle. 

This year for Christmas I decided to sew a small Christmas quilt throw for my daughter Jacqueline
since she and her husband are now homeowners.  The quilt also had some fabric that was sentimental to her husband Erik which was from the estate of one of his Great Aunts that passed away a year ago.  When this precious lady passed away, they had no seamstress in the family, so I was gifted some wonderful vintage fabric.  This was also my first quilt type sewing, so I was not confident is the construction.  After it was completed, I knew it had the possibly of being re-gifted which was fine with me. You see, Erik's Grandma is the sister of the Aunt that passed away and she had been dearly missing her sister.  I told Jacqueline to do what she wanted that I could always make her another since I have more material and I could alway make her another one.  Well a picture says a million..this is Grandma with the throw

When my daughter sent me this picture in a text with the following "she won't put it down, she just keeps crying and this was sent to me by Debbi (her sister).  Of course I was shopping for the last minute Christmas gifts, when I saw this I started squalling...I bet I was a sight to see...but at the moment I did not care...after all for me this is what Christmas is about love, family, and precious memories~

So Belated Merry Christmas and Early Happy New Years my friends!  HAPPY SEWING 2015 lets see where this year take us!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Another Cardi and Reflection

Don't you just love when you complete a garment and you are so excited about it?  Well I completed another (yes another and there well be more) McCalls 6844 Cardi.  I love this pattern which is such a great staple piece, and the fabric I used a soft stretch spruce color knit that I purchased from JoAnne's.  This is the type of fabric that you purchase as certain yardage, and then if you are like me put it in your stash to use at a later date, but when you use it you wish you had purchased more of the fabric.  Well I knew when I purchased it I wanted to make a cardi and a pencil skirt as a set.  However, the next day I went back and purchased an additional 3 yards to make a dress.  Yes I love the fabric that much super soft, lovely color, and the texture!

The first time I made this cardi I cut a medium, and felt it was to big, so this time cut a small and it was perfect.

So comfy, and will be wearing alot this year

 Peplum back which adds to what I like about this pattern.
A match made in heaven soft, beautiful color, and texture.

Time for reflection since its been just little over a year that I started my blog to gauge my sewing.  I've not sewn as much as I would have wanted and most of it was due to discouragement due to the new sizing of today's patterns and my rustyness (is there such a word).  But I have a great support system out of you my sister fellow bloggers, and I wish could give you all a big hug.  After, I posted my "Throw Back Thus" picture, I realized the feeling that I missed about sewing...the feeling of pride of a job well done and would be happy wearing what I made.  Alot of people say you can't go by feeling, but for me it make sense.  How can I wear something that I made if I'm not thrilled with, so with this said I'm going to pick a pattern that I want to sew or fabric that speaks to me and will look through my pattern statsh until I have that exact feeling (hey it works for me).  This last year I felt like I have rushed myself by just picking a pattern and fabric and sewed away which left me feeling "" and not wanting to wear the end product.  Yesterday, I read a blogger Sarah Liz that I truly admire talk about how she pitched alot of what I felt like was just so so projects for a fresh start.  So, after looking back this year, I have bagged up all of my SO SO projects and found them a new home.  I only kept 3 things that I'm please with and can proudly wear!  So here is to a new year for me and a new attitude adjustment! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throw Back Thursday.....and I Mean WAY BACK

I was going through some old photos...and I found this photo of me WAY back in the day.  This was taken at my Sophomore year sewing class fashion show.  I sewed the jacket and pants...I loved this outfit.  The fabric was brushed denim in faded blue and the pattern was so detailed.  I even had to install D-rings and tabs.  Look how young I was and the terrified look on my face.  We had to walk the run way but I must say I looked good! 

Those were the days...but I have to say I am back into my sewing groove.  I have two McCalls 6844 Cardis completed and am so pleased with the way turned out.  Will put pics up when I can get my photographer to take some pics. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ready to Throw in the Towel and Very Discouraged

One of the purposed of starting this blog was to if only to track my journey back into sewing.  Many things have changed and maybe I haven't given it enough time.  It just seems like I have more flops than successful pieces that I'm excited about.  When I use to sew years ago late 70s and early 80s, I don't ever remember having to sew a muslin.  The only changes I had to make pattern wise was just the length, patterns just seemed to fit.  Now, it seems like a guessing game even after looking at the measurements on the patterns.  It could also be a body shape issue as well, the ole gray mare ain't what she use to be, and have a few extra pounds and no longer the size 4.  It just frustrates me that not only am I wasting material, but I have also spent alot of time sewing something that has to be altered and altered.  By time I get the muslin made, I am not in the sewing mood any more.  I have a huge stash of fabric, and patterns, but I am questioning I really want to continue to sew or just throw in the towel?  I can't get back into the groove of sewing....frustrated and just venting...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Busy times...sad times....and trying to get back on track

Well its been a while since I have been around but I'm back and trying to get back in to the swing of things such as sewing. Alot has happened since I last wrote on my blog, some busy and heartbreaking news for our family.  So if you are interested pour a cup of coffee, have a soda pop, or just sit back for a few moments while I share a little of my life with you.

For most of April and early May I was traveling for work, and was suppose to be home on the weekends.  Being a Supervisor, most weekends I had to stay over to get projects ready and pick up on the slack where things needed to get done. I wanted so much to be home on the weekends so I could sew since this is a stress reliever for me. Plus I did not meet some of my sewing commitments that I enjoyed so, because it kept me on track.  So it was no sewing for me.....however I did find time to visit local mom and pop fabric shops in the towns where I was staying.
My fabric stash grew the grey eyelet caught my eyes as well as the periwinkle in Baton Rouge.  The multi-color and black and white checked was bought in Gonzales, La, and finally the air plane print I bought to make some pillows for my oldest daughter, Jacqueline was purchased in Meridian, MS.  The traveling of my job I enjoy, because I can do some junkin (if I drive) and seek out these mom and pop fabric stores.  I already have the black and white checked searsucker visioned as a cute sun dress, the periwinkle as a scooter skirt along with a cute little blouse out of the multi-color.Still not sure about the grey eyelet....any suggestions, I only bought one yard of it....and now wishing I would of purchased more, however had to watch the old pocketbook since the prices were slightly higher in these little shops....but hey I am supporting the local shops which are almost non existent and plus I have a story behind my fabric.          

FINALLY on May 9th I was on my way home....and I could not be more excited.  On this leg of my trip I decided to fly since the drive was 9 hours home.  I got checked in made it through airport security, got situated reading a new book...when I got the phone call from my Uncle Ivan, my dear sweet Grandma (you met her on one of my previous posts) has passed away earlier that morning.  We all knew it was going to happen, but I guess you are never prepared especially when it is someone you just adore.  I had just spoke with her on Wednesday, and as most of our conversations that I enjoyed every week she would tell me of her bingo games, the little ladies that sat at her lunch table, and when I would be up to see her next.  I was planning on going up to see her this this Memorial Day is bittersweet.  Its the little things that I miss the most about her such as our weekly phone chats.  I could always tell when she was down in the dumps when she answered the phone which meant that she did not win a bingo game.  You see they did not play for money they played for chocolate.     She loved her if she didn't win that meant no chocolate candy bars.  Her funeral was the following Tuesday, and my cousin Vicki and I were honored to be paul bearers at her well as served as interpreter for my brother and his family who are deaf.  Grandma always though God had forgotten about her....but I told He just saving the best for last.  She was just ready to go....and she was finally called home.

After the funeral, my Uncle decided that while everyone was together, it would be a good time to let them pick out what they wanted from Grandma's house.  I hate to say this but it was like a bunch of buzzards grabbing and snatching things.  It just saddened me because, while this little lady would sit alone no visits or phone calls from family other than my uncle and his wife, and myself, here they were going through her things, mostly jewelry.....but who am I to judge.  I just sat quietly in the bedroom where I stayed with her before she moved to the assisted living facility, and found some treasures no one else was interested below are a few of my treasures:

First of all I found some of her sewing patterns...just the thought to have the same patterns she constructed garments with and the sizes were close to mine.  Of course on the way home I had to stop by Helen Enox Fabrics in Okla City, OK and purchase some material to make dress or two to honor Grandma.  Helen Enox Fabrics was always one of my stops when I went to see Grandma.  If you are ever in Okla. City you will need to stop there.

 Another treasure that nobody was interested in were doilies....these are just a few I have.  Look at the hand work in these....crocheting, embroidery...and to be made by the hands of my grandma, great grandma and Aunt Mattie.
 I guess this has to be one of my favorite treasures...this was grandma's sewing/embroidery kit.  When I opened it I found this table runner...and I'm thinking this was her last project...if this kit could only talk.
 My family has so many talented people in it.  First of all the yellow afghan is one crochet by my grandma.  The doll was made by my Aunt Rosela, who passed away from cancer last year, my cousin Vicki said her mom wanted me to have it...since it was called her "Diane" doll....yep made for me.  Aunt Rosela was very talented and made several dolls.   She gave me the doll after Grandma's funneral...what a honor and wonderful gift.
 Check out the details....Aunt Rosela even made the clothes for her dolls.
 So, this is the story where I have been...its been a long road and a sad road....but its life.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow so tell your love ones everyday what they mean to you.

Trying to get back in the sewing mood, I have somewhat picked out some simple projects.  I love the 70s patterns, because there are fitting issues at least for me other than length.  Usually have to take up since I'm only 59 1/2 inches tall.  The material is vintage knit I ordered from an Esty vendor....they advertised over 2 1/2 yards....however when I received the fabric it was only a little over 1 1/2 yards....the vendor did make the situation I don't know if I will end up with a shirt or a dress we shall see.  Option 1:
Option 2 would be to make this cami that I see so many blogs on.  This would be my first digital pattern, so I'm not sure if I am up for taping the pattern together.  This maybe put on the back burner...but as you can see I have fabric and fold over elastic...which I have not had the chance to experience.
 Option 3....infinity scarf....simple and easy.  Any thoughts....Thank  you for reading and staying with me during this long entry.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Lovely Grandma....and My New Project New Look 6150

I want to introduce my wonderful Grandma Gladys, who is 98 years young.  Every chance I can get I always get back to Oklahoma to see this awsome lady who was one who taught me alot about sewing and a little bit of crochetting .  I want to soak up as much time as I can get to spend with her.  She is very hard of hearing, and her sight is going, but her Doctor tells her she has vital signs as a young teenager.  Some of my best years were growing up and spending the summers with her and Grandpa, and those memories you can't replace.  Time went by so fast...and it was time to get back home and work.  I just love this spunky little lady!  Do you have any special little ladies that helped shape your love of sewing? 

 Previously, I was trying to make a retro 1950's blouse and had a woven fabric.  I cut the pattern out, and started to sew it.  The pattern went together rather well, however the fabric (even though it had been washed several times) was stiff and scratchy.  After time went by, I started to get discouraged, and was ready to toss it aside.  Before, I decided to scrap the project together, I at least wanted to see what the fit would be like.  Since there was only one size as most older patters are, the fit was guessing games here like I have had with several of the newer multi-sized patterns.  So I will definately revisit my retro pattern once I find a nice soft woven fabric.   This was the first project that I actually decided to scrap, and not waste anymore time on, decided to break my habbit of trying to complete a project that I didn't really want to finish or was not thrilled about once I got started on....AND let me tell you it feels good not to be bogged down by a chore to finish it. 

Moving forward for my March MAGAM project I am going to construct New Look pattern 6150 view B in this bright cheery knit fabric.  I have seen this pattern sewn up by so many others, and am looking forward to completing it.  I went shopping in my pattern and fabric stash.

Thank you for stopping by....would love to hear your thoughts.

Friday, February 28, 2014

On the fence about Simplicity 1943

Just completed Simplicity 1943....and I am still on the fence about this pattern.  Here is the finished product, and I am not to pleased.  It was one I was so excited about sewing but half way through I was so ready to wad it up and toss it in the trash.  But like the little engine that could...I had to finish it.  This was my Febuary Make a Garment a Month project.
 There were no attended alterations, as I cut my normal size, however there were unexpected alterations.  The collar was suppose to close directly in the the middle, however the bodice was about 11/2 inches long on each side so I had to cut of 1 1/2 inches off to make the collar to fit.  My other unexpected alteration was the lining which was longer than the actual jacket.  I believe part of this issue could be that I used a jersy knit with alot of stretch.  If I decide to make this again I will cut down one size for the lining.
 I am almost complete...the pattern called for two hooks and eyes for closures, however this was suppose to be a fun jacket and want something with alittle more pizzazz. 
 So for right now holding the jacket close is an antique pen from my grandma. 
An option I was thinking about was a little closure like this one, but in choclate brown (if I can
find one)

As stated I as still on the fence about this one.  For now I am just going to put it aside with the frustration and come back in a few days after I regroup. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Yesterday....spring weather....TODAY...back to cold

Only in Texas we have unpredictable weather.  Yesterday, was a gorgeous spring like day sunny with beautiful blue sky and 75 degrees.  So with the beautiful weather I felt like I wanted to loose the fall/winter fabric and pattern stashes for spring/summer stashes.  Started going through my spring/summer material (yes I have it coordinated), looking through the bright colors, sun dress patterns...get the picture.  However, woke up this morning to cold grey skies with misty rain and a slap with cold wind.  So back to the fall/winter fabrics and patterns.  I have been wanting to make Simplicity 1943 view E with a fun leopard print from my fabric stash. 
So embrasing the cold and will be sporing a cute little jacket!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Yea! Completed 6844...and its a keeper

It feels so great to have this one completed.  I will be using this pattern again, just making a smaller size.  It does run large.  Even though I altered for the petite size, I think next time I will shorten the hem line, as it was a little to long for me.  Its alittle big, but thats ok since this is a layering piece.  Very pleased with the way the fabric sewed up. 

Sorry for the photos, it was a very blustry and cool day, and add the fact I'm not photogenic.  Trust me it takes 30 pictures just to fine one that turns out. 

Well this is the only one that will upload.  I have this problem often, only certain photos will load and others will not...ugh

Oh well would highly recommend McCalls 6488...and I will be making this one again!