Thursday, December 26, 2013

Finally time to start sewing for me!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas. 

So where have I been and what have I been sewing?  Well been working, arguing with my sewing machine OZ (but we came to an understanding...operator error and learning), and making some sad
infinity scarves, and comfy pants as Christmas presents for my daughters and friends.   My daughters both received a sad little infinity scarf for Christmas, but they were both thrilled with their scarves.

 My baby Kristen is a big fan of the mustache craz and oldest Jacqueline her scarf was made out of a jersey red knit.   They were so proud of their scarves...even though I thought the scarves did not turn out as good as they could have, but it was all about the smiles on their faces.  They even put in orders for more...but first time for momma to sew for herself.

 So I joined in a sew along.  Sarah Liz's "Make a Garment a Month Challenge".  Still trying to figure out how to put the button on my stayed tune.  My first garment is going to be a pattern that I have been wanting to sew for the longest time:  McCalls 6844 view C. 

I was browsing the clearance section a few months back, when I came across this print for $2.00 per yard.  So, loving a bargin, I snatched it up and ofcourse there was only 2 yards on the bolt (sure wish there would have been more).   So when I bought the pattern, I knew instantly this was a perfect match.  Can't wait to see how this turns out.

But before I start on this project I need to finish two more infinity scarves I am making for a very special friend.   Yes, I am getting the hang of something so simple with not using a pattern.

Talk to you soon again!