Saturday, October 12, 2013

Let my sewing journey begin...

To begin...this blog is not going be about the classic movie "Wizzard of OZ"...this is my blog about sewing.  The name is basically is a tribute to my dad who's nickname was Oz or Ozzie in the Air Force.  He passed away on April 24, 2012. 
I caught the sewing bug way back when I was about 10 or older, taught by mom, grandma...and a few Home Ec classes...I started sewing and designing my own clothes in High School.  Back then this was the less inexpensive way to fashion...but today its a different story.  As life I happens, 3 kids and several years later...I decided to start sewing again.  So I pulled out my old sewing machine "Trusty Rusty" old avacado green Brother sewing machine...the exact one I learned to sew on.  We shared many of wonderful outs and restitches...So off we go, but ole Trusty I called my dad to ask him about the new sewing machines and if he could do some research for me...I told him I did not want a new digital sewing machine...just the thought of it made my heart shutter.  Well to make a long story short, I went to visit my dad in Oklahoma and when I arrived...he was so excited to see me and had a suprise for me...he gave me his own sewing machine...I had on idea he had only 12 hours usage and was not digital.  I was thrilled with it, and he was thrilled his daughter was going to start sewing again.  We had a great visit...but little did I know that would be one of the last times I would get to see my dad.  Three weeks later, I received a call to get up to Oklahoma quickly.  What turned out to my dad checking into the hospital as scratchy throat...he had terminal cancer and passed away with in two days of me getting up there to see him.  So this is where this begins with my Pfaff and ole Trusty Rusty in tow (will never get rid of my first love) I am going to attempt to start sewing again.  Just for the record...I am a Brother I will also have to get use to let the journey tribute to my dad...Remembering Oz...

I have also, been following many other blogs, but one the has been an inspiration to me is 
So lets get started with this journey.  But first let me introduce my sidekicks:

Trusty Rusty....still has some good mileage to go.

My dad's and now my new machine....Oz


  1. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU AND YOUR NEW BLOG ADVENTURE!!! I am equally excited that you like my blog! It feels so good to be of help and some what of an inspiration to another person who love sewing. Both of your machines are gorgeous. As long as you have a good machine that you like, stitches well and is trustworthy, the sewing world is your OYSTER! I get so excited about the POSSIBILITIES that are ever unfolding in my sewing room that sometimes I can hardly contain myself - at times it has me close to hyperventilation! Don't laugh - I'm just addicted like that. If you don't mind, I am going to feature you on my blog - I want all my sewing friends to know about you and your new venture - especially your OZ machine.

    I'm adding you to my bloglovin roll of sewing blogs, and if I may, would like to suggest that you join up with bloglovin and link it on your sidebar. It will put you in touch with 100's of other bloggers and will be an invaluable sewing resource connecting you all over the world.

    I feel like I have a brand new friend! - so glad to know you too!!!

  2. Although I do not have a sewing blog, I stalk many of them ��. Welcome back to the land of sewing. Honestly, when I went to Ms. Faye's blog and saw her intro to you, I thought your title was because you lived in KS. That is where I reside and I was hoping to find a fellow sewing buddy. Oh well ��. I hope to follow you on your sewing journey. Good luck and God bless you on your endeavor.

    1. Thank you Angie. What part of Kansas do you live in? My grandma use to live in Wichita before moving back to Oklahoma. We can still be sewing buddies via internet.